Gavi of Stefano Massone
Gavi is that wonderful piece of Piedmont defined Monferrato, soft hills ideally follow one another until it was lost in the sea of Liguria, vineyards, forests, fields alternate by giving the view a green territory, rich, full of treasures such as the magnificent Cortese.

Gold clusters, at the time of harvest color the rows, and the wineries are preparing to seize this magnificent treasure. Gavi is a wine that has become in the world, synonymous with one of Piedmontese white with whom cheer lunches and aperitifs. But behind ordered rows where accurate human care is evident, there are always passions, loves, dreams sometimes materialize in bottles that too without too much hype are chosen by the consumer. 

It 's the case of Stefano Massone, reserved man, friendly, in love with its vine rows, it moves with great harmony and security in his land ... but do not ask him for a photo, a phone call on a cell phone or even worse, to communicate with internet, that to find him you have to follow his times that are those of nature, you live with the light and rest in the dark, so all that enters his world must be in harmony with his feelings. And this feeling is in his wine, where the land is expressed by its potential, the land that, here from one plot to another, you can tell different flavors, different colors and its magic can be understood when the Italians' favorite beverage becomes the "Wine".

But back to the "Cortese" and of it he says Stefano Massone: "When I started to take care of the land, I was a child, I followed my father in the fields, vineyards, and through the bond with him I learned that we belong to this land, I took his voice and I followed it. Then in the 70s, fortunately, here in Gavi, some entrepreneurs have promoted through their foresight this magnificent wine, and I and many others we have been affected by this boost, the territory has matured if one can say so, the cortese has become a indeed important wine of this portion of Piedmont, which had been a bit on the edge .... to look at the successes of the Langhe! Now I know that my wine is very popular, especially abroad, but I am always astonished a little, when I realize that people like, it's a wonderful feeling to work with love and feel valued, to know that you weren't wrong . When I uncork a bottle to share with friends, I feel the seasons, I recognize the efforts and passion that has always moved my feet in these hills that are my world and my wine, I'd like that could tell only and always the wonderful gift that nature has gave to me and that I have been able to grasp. "

Gavi of Stefano Massone
V. San Cristoforo, 35
15060 Capriata D'Orba (AL)

+39 0143 468903

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