Enosis Meraviglia
Enosis Wonder is a method of working, a group of research applied to the development wine.

Donato Lanati
He earned a reputation as winemaker scientist because his working method takes advantage of his research center Enosis that he himself has made which tends to achieve high quality in wines with a scientific approach. He likes to study and teach, he graduated in Alba, with a degree in agricultural science at the University of Turin where he also specialized in Viticulture and Enology, the same university he taught for 17 years at the Wine Technology degree of first and second level. Today it is part of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) Commission as an expert in Oenology. Plays a 'strong consulting business mainly in Italy but also abroad: Georgia, Switzerland, Romania, Kazakhstan. And 'convinced that the most effective method to dress the wines of strong territorial identity and varietal is aimed at training staff to the vineyard and the cellar because men are the real creators of the production of wines. Consider the union of research with the sensitivity of the means to overcome space and time and to give greater reliability to the brand, especially to meet the tastes and curiosity time and meet in tastes and curiosity is the true protagonist of the whole chain: the consumer.

The wines for him are the product of the culture of an agricultural civilization. He had many awards. His passion has always been to understand what's inside all'acino of grapes and how to transfer into the glass summaries that it contains. He wrote a book of lectures "De Vino", a nice wine story illustrated with cartoons Ellekappa "The history of wine" and is the author and coauthor of numerous publications. As a young man doing motocross. For less than the young goalkeeper of the wine. Since less-less young loves to fly helicopter.

The working group
To produce quality wines must be human quality. The goal is to ensure quality wines, studying methods of work dedicated to enhancing the quality characteristics of the vines and earth, to improve production while safeguarding your true wealth: the territory. These include agronomists, biochemists and biologists. For Enosis it is not limited to an organoleptic test, but you want to understand, based on scientific subjects, such as obtaining wines of great identity.Have the knowledge, whether arising from the tradition that from the search, to allow the emotion to make repeatable year after year, bottle after bottle and achieve excellence.

Enosis Meraviglia
Via per Cuccaro, 19
15043 Fubine ((AL))

+39 0131 798311

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