Porro di Cervere
On the outside, this leek has a long, thin stalk, half of which is white, and is usually sold in typical bunches of 20-30 leeks of the same size with the green part cut just above binding point. Its sweet and delicate taste is completely different to ..
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Formaggi del Piemonte
The city of Bra does not produce this cheese(Bra), but thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, was and remains the biggest collection center, aging and trade. Cow's milk is used for both the variant tender indicated for the tabl..
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Daniella Pasticceria
Raffaella and Daniela: together for "Daniella" Excellent wheat flour 00, brown sugar, mountain butter and fresh eggs, are the basic ingredients to create a delicious and irresistible sweets, then excellent jams, nuts, raisins, walnuts and a..
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Occelli Agrinatura
Beppino Occelli began his activity in the dairy sector in 1976. His production has always followed the evolution of taste, in fact in some cases it has even anticipated the times, firstly with his butter, obtained exclusively from first-rate cream and..
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Pasta d'Alba
Pasta d’Alba is a young and dynamic reality: the excellence of our products is our strength and the direct customer service is our step ahead. We can proudly affirm that who try us always come back!Dario takes care of the production: he dev..
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Peperone di Capriglio
Una storia da raccontare,un impegno da premiare
A bell pepper from the noble soul, that of Capriglio, perhaps for the "compaesanità" with the mother of Don Bosco, the Venerable Margaret Occhiena, caprigliese (from Capriglio) enough: indeed "a heart of pepper", which - in addition to the hold..
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Tartufi al Massimo
Massimo Cillario, skilled “trifulau” since he was young, lives and works throughout Alba and Langhe that is in the heart of the best known truffle market . Marco has been selecting and selling first-choice truffles for over 20 years. Thank..
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Tartufi Ponzio
The historic Tartufi Ponzio brand was introduced in 1947, and has contributed decisively ever since to making Alba truffles celebrated and highly-appreciated throughout the world. Located in the heart of the old town, the store is run with professiona..
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Pesche di Canale
They begin to peep among the desks of the supermarkets in stores of firstfruits, they are absolutely irresistible, scented, colored, juicy and versatile, they are wonderful fruits to which it is impossible to say no. Of course are at their maximum fla..
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We are in an area where the pastures are affected by the caress marina, creating a microclimate who favors the growth of herbs particularly suitable for the wild breeding of goats. The result of little human settlement, excellent pastures and marine i..
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