Ezio Ferraris
Aristotle asserted that art was an imitation of nature. The sculptor Ezio Ferraris goes beyond this concept since his natural art is the spokesman for nature. I could go as far as saying that his sculptures are given a voice that speaks about old times : they are made of hundred-year-old vine stocks that resurfaced from the past. Ezio selects the “objects” he comes across every time he sees in them representations of nature : animals or human beings. He does not model them because those masterpieces belong to nature which thus becomes the artist par excellence.

The sculptor lets them exist in their casual or natural shape, he just stops time. Each of them is presented on a base that indicates to what subject it has been attributed. The role played by nature as a creator existed long before Aristotle. It brings us back to pre-Socratic times and to their concept of physis as a creative power. Such thinkers as Anaximander, Anaxagoras and Democritus in particular saw the primary element as a whirling, circular movement owing to which each thing receives its own essence. Ezio Ferraris is a sculptor whose works are the combined fruit of Nature and Chance. He selects the fantastic shapes born out of anonymous rootstocks, he adopts them and transforms them into objects, giving them a new morphogenesis to have them become objects of contemplation.

Ezio Ferraris
Reg. Dogliano, 33   
Agliano Terme  14041
+39 333 7529850

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