Castello di Serralunga d'Alba
The castle, once owned by the Fallettis of Barolo, overlooks the town and immediately makes a strong impression, with the soaring verticality of its Gothic architecture. The location was formerly fortified with a tower, in the era when the descendants of Bonifacio del Vasto, Bonifacio Minore and Ottone del Carretto, were the lords. In 1190, the Del Carrettos' feud was acquired by Manfredo di Saluzzo. The tower was knocked down in 1340, when the property belonged to the Fallettis, an important noble family from the Langhe, to be replaced by the current castle, built by Pietrino and his son Goffredo II. Since then, very few modifications have been made to the castle, which was spared from battle damage. Fascias with arches characterize the brick facades. The few windows, either double or single lancets, are mostly along the upper floors. Access is through a simple portcullis, which would have been closed once the drawbridge was raised. The wide moat is no longer visible. Inside, several large fireplaces and the wooden ceilings can still be seen. The castle underwent a large-scale restoration in the 1950s, carried out by the government after it became state property. The central structure of the fortress consists of the Palacium, a compact and impregnable block of three rooms, one on top of the other. Inside, some large fireplaces are all that remains of the original furnishings. The Salone dei Valvassori has a fine coffered wooden ceiling and a votive chapel, whose 16th-century frescoes depict the martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alessandria with Saint Francis, surmounted by the symbol of Agnus Dei.

Castello di Serralunga d'Alba
Via del Castello, 1  
Serralunga d'Alba  12050
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