Museo Civico di Storia Naturale Federico ed Ettore Craveri
This museum was initially a private collection of the Craveri family, was later donated to the Town of Bra and is one of the richest and most interesting natural science Museums of the area. The collections comprise objects gathered by Federico Craveri during his journeys; Craveri was one of the first people from Piedmont to travel across the American Continent on horseback in the mid-eighteen hundreds. The Museum houses, among the many curiosities: an extremely rich ornithological section with an important collection of hummingbirds; a small collection that illustrates Tener during prehistoric times; a small meteorology room that was used by Federico Craveri himself for the first atmospheric surveys. Over the years, objects that show the natural history of Piedmont have enriched the museum.
Opening times: Please call the phone number for further information +39.0172.412010

Video taken from website of the Town of Bra

Museo Civico di Storia Naturale Federico ed Ettore Craveri
Via Craveri, 15   
Bra  12042
+39 0172 438236

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