Museo dei Cavatappi
The Museum of Corkscrews opened in 2006 in an old wine cellar, next to the Castle of Barolo. Its collection features 500 corkscrews from all over the world, produced since the second half of the 1600s. Through its 19 sections the museum tells the history, from its birth to the latest evolutions, of a tool that is at the same time humble and rich in history and curiosities. On the doorway to the museum, a beautiful picture of a vineyard, Bruno Murialdo's artwork, welcomes the visitors, who can also admire an array of wines from Barolo's producers.

The collection
Part of a private collection owned by a Turin-born pharmacist who has lived in the Langhe region for the past twenty years, the corkscrews range from antique pieces from the 17th century, to modern-day examples. This collection accompanies the visitor through the corkscrew’s evolution from its invention to the present days. Starting with ‘suspended corkscrews’ and nomenclature, the visitor can proceed to admire simple ‘T-shaped’ tools made of wood, iron, aluminium, brass, bone, horn, ebony, mother-of-pearl, bronze, ivory, silver and tortoiseshell… until the era of levers, screws and complex mechanisms. In the museum’s nineteen sections, the visitors have the chance to see decorative and figurative corkscrews alongside pocket sized instruments, advertising corkscrews, multipurpose instruments, animal themes and erotic subjects. Rare miniature corkscrews for opening phials of perfume or medicine and precious corkscrews are also on display.

The didactic approach of the exhibit (all the panels are in italian, english and german), is combined with a spectacular setting that brings out the beauty of the old craftworks through careful lighting, old pictures and curiosities. A special section is dedicated to antique corkscrew-themed postcards.

Museo dei Cavatappi
Piazza Castello, 4  
Barolo  12060
+39 0173 560539

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