WiMu – Museo del Vino
The WiMu proposes a voyage through darkness and light, sounds and colours, reality and myth through the sounds and colours of the seasons, times of the day and year. The Museum combines scientific rigour and divertissement. A multi-sensory experience, where the visitor can start and operate machines, not only look but is involved through multimedia installations by a sensory and emotional path. The WiMu is also a tribute to the history of the Castle and to the illustrious personages who have lived here. The Marquise Juliette Colbert, better known as Giulia di Barolo. Patriot Silvio Pellico, one of the leading figures of the Italian Risorgimento, who was the librarian of the Castle and whose room/study has been preserved intact. 

After a full immersion in these evocations and narrations, the time has come to indulge in the Tempio dell’Enoturista (Wine Tourist's Temple) where visitors can discover Barolo and other great wines, tasting these alone or with expert guidance, learning to recognise their aroma, bouquet and personality. The tour ends in the Barolo Regional Wine cellar where this legendary wine was first made.

Opening times: please call the phone number for further information +39 0173 386697

WiMu – Museo del Vino
Castello Comunale Falletti di Barolo - Piazza Falletti, 1   
Barolo  12060
+39.0173 386697

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