Sinio - Albaretto della Torre - Serravalle Langhe - Cissone - Roddino
Sinio is a quaint village of Medieval origin not far from Serralunga d’Alba and Roddino and it is nestled among green and gentle hills .Sinio’s concentric design is unique in the Langhe. This is because the original town or “antica villa” was designed to fit the hillside thus providing maximum functionality and defense. The buildings of the old town (built in the medieval period, then renovated and expanded between 1700 and 1800) are arranged in the form of a heraldic shield; the three parallel roads (Cavour, Roma and Loggero) are the primary vertical streets, which are joined (at almost perfect right angles) at the bottom. They run perpendicular to the town’s one cross street, (Regina Margherita) and the square (Marconi). The castle in a sense “crowns” the overall design. Today Sinio belongs to the “Città della Nocciola” (City of the hazelnut) organization and this confirms the rural heart of this village. 

Albareto della Torre is very close to Sinio. It is located between the Belbo and Tanaro valleys and is member of the “Comunità Montana Alta Langa”. The well preserved 13th century tower located near the parish church deserves a visit. Little is known about Albareto’s history and name. The latter probably originated from the rich vegetation of the area, in particular poplars. One of Albareto’s best attractions is the breathtaking panorama. When the sky is clear, visitors can admire the Alps (from the Ligurian Appennines up to the Monte Rosa). Thanks to its position the cooking is really “a journey of the palate” : mushrooms, truffles, cheese, cold meat and salami and also hazelnuts which are used for preparing oil, cakes and cookies. 

Serravalle Langhe stands in a wonderful panoramic place. Natural paths through orchards and woods allow a true plunge in the local rural culture For those who are keen on religious architecture, a visit to the parish church of Maria Vergine Assunta is worth it. This church was built in 1600 but the façade was re-built during the second half of the 18th century. It has a Baroque style with Renaissance features. Inside the church there are no paintings but an organ of the 18th century. The Romanesque Cappella of San Michele Arcangelo and its tower bell are located in Castellera, a hamlet not far from Serravalle.

Cissone is a small town at 661 metres above sea level and is located among Serravalle, Bossolasco, Dogliani and Roddino. The evidence of its Roman origin is represented by a Romanesque tombstone discovered in the town’s cemetery and currently preserved in the Town Hall. The name Cissone probably originates from the roman last name Civicius or Civicionis.The façade of the parish church of Santa Lucia is really nice; next to it the ex church Confraternita dei Disciplinati probably built in the 15th century but surely restored in 1771. At a short distance, you can discover the cappella of Pianezza also known as della Madonna delle Nevi because of a snowfall occurred during the month of August!

A stop in Roddino is recommended in order to visit the parish church of Santa Margherita. Some parts of its 15th century side walls and the stoop inside the sacristy are still preserved.