Moretta d'Alba - Rodello - Montelupo - Diano d'Alba - Grinzane Cavour
The construction of the Santuario of Moretta by engineer Giuseppe Gualandi from Bologna dates back to the 18th century and is tied to a prodigious event. According to legend, after a serious infection of the cattle, the Virgin Mary answered the heartfelt prayers of the population and put an end to the cattle-plague. The brick building draws inspiration from Bizantine style.

The Diocesan Museum of Modern Art “Dedalo Montali” is located in Rodello and is housed inside the Immacolata Concezione Church. It contains works of Ruggeri,Ramella and Morino. A visit to the parish church of San Lorenzo which dates back to 1766 allows visitors to see nice stuccos, lateral altars, paintings of unknown hands and a beautiful tower-bell.

Driving from Rodello to Montelupo along a road full of bends, you get to a postion where in bright and clean days it is possible to admire the Alps with its outstanding peaks such as Cervino, Monterosa and Monviso. We are at 564 metres above the sea level and this altitude affects the climate, the vegetation and also the arrangements in wide spaces of the houses. Besides the good climate, Montelupo is worth a visit for its parish church of the Vergine Assunta, a fine example of Baroque built on the plan of architect Carlo Francesco Rangone. Inside the church, nice and valued fresco paintings can be admired. The “Vecchia Parrochiale Romanica” (old parish church) is dated 1100 and is still used as a reference point for land survey. Even the Cappella Campestre dell’Oriolo is worthy of admiration. The chapel is surrounded by trees which seem to protect it from the bad weather. The chapel is reachable through sloping rows of wine. Actually, the place is dedicated to the Beata Vergine del Riposo but it is better known as Cappella Campestre dell’Oriolo.

Diano d’Alba is located close to Alba and is economically and commercially influenced by the capital of white truffles and good life. The Baroque influence can be easily found both in the Town Hall and in the church of San Giovanni Battista built between 1763 and 1770 on Rangone’s plan with a clear influence of architect Filippo Juvara .

In touring the region, one cannot miss the Castello of Grinzane whose uncertain origin set its date of construction in the 11th century. It was built thanks to the contessa Adelaide Manfredi who was married to Oddone di Savoia.The current building shows the history of the famous Piedmontese family Benso di Cavour who became owner of the castle in 1832. The presence of the Benso Marchesi di Cavour caused significant changes and a strong link with the territory and the wine’s world. Every year in November, the castle hosts the International White Truffle Auction