Novello - Barolo - La Morra - Castiglione Falletto

From Novello to Castiglione Falletto through Barolo and La Morra to discover a fascinating region as old as lively, rich in unique flavors covering excellent wines, tasty cheese, superb hand-made pasta and of course white truffles. All these wonders in a land full of peculiar hills, ancient towns and historical buildings.

Novello, just like all the other nice Langhe villages, is nestled on a nice hill and is located within the area where the nebbiolo grapes used for producing the Barolo wine can be cultivated. Walking downtown Novello, you may stop at the San Michele Arcangelo parish church which is lovely frescoed and has an imposing organ and then visit the near Confraternita to enjoy a classic Baroque example. Up away, the 13th century Castle now used as a hotel and restaurant surrounded by a centuries-old park represents a significative step both for the panorama and the building which is still rich in features of its construction period. Just outside the centre, there is the Cappella della Madonnina o Crocetta, full of portraits of the Holy Virgin.

Few kilometres and you reach Barolo whose name brings to mind prestigious wines many labels of which are exhibited in the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo located in the Falletti Castle. The castle also houses the WiMu (Wine Museum) where visitors are offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the wine’s history through a sense itinerary. Colours, lights, sounds are able to carry visitors into a magic and almost real world whose traditions are thightly tied to land and wine. The Museo dei Cavatappi (Corkscrews Museum) is really worth a visit! Its collection enables visitors to understand the human amusing and precious work of genius necessary to gain access to the much desired drinks protected by the cork. Barolo also offers many shops selling local specialties ranging from plin (very small pinched hand-made pasta filled with meat), to fruit and vegetables jams such as Cougnà which is obtained by mixing the late fruits of the vineyards together with nuts or hazelnuts and is perfect with all the excellent Langa cheeses. 

Some more bends and you arrive at La Morra a nice picturesque village full of restaurants and wine bars and with a breathtaking and unforgettable view over the valleys and surrounding hills. Many tortuous lanes with a number of ups and downs give the village a particular rhythm. La Morra is one of the places where nebbiolo grapes suitable to the making of Barolo wine can be cultivated. Here the Barolo can be tasted and bought at the Cantina Comunale (Town Wine Cellar). Visitors cannot give up the pleasure of paying a visit to the San Martino parish church characterized by an imposing Baroque façade and very nice paintings inside. The small Madonna delle Grazie chapel also known as Cappella del Barolo was painted by the rainbow. It is built in a gorgeous location where the heart of Langa can be seen and felt.

From La Morra, this itinerary covered through the vineyards regularly displayed on the gentle slopes of the Langa varied hills has its natural conclusion at Castiglione Falletto, a village which greets visitors with its beautiful landscape and historical buildings. The village is embellished by the parish church of San Lorenzo and by the old imposing castle located on the top of the village.

Novello - Barolo - La Morra - Castiglione Falletto

Itinerary about 18 Km

Tourist Info:
La Morra
Castiglione Falletto

Comune di Barolo Festival Collisioni (July)
Comune di La Morra Mangialonga (August)