Formaggi del Piemonte

The city of Bra does not produce this cheese(Bra), but thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, was and remains the biggest collection center, aging and trade. Cow's milk is used for both the variant tender indicated for the table, and for the variant hard, ideal for grating because seasoned longer. The authenticity of the product is guaranteed by the label applied on the upper face of the forms and the mark of origin stamped on the rind. The Castelmagno DOP is nicknamed "the king of cheeses". Produced in the municipalities of Castelmagno, Pradleves and Monterosso Grana in the province of Cuneo, from which it comes even cow's milk used for its processing, it has a color ranging from ivory white to ocher, sometimes with blue streaks, which may vary depending on the maturation that occurs in natural caves. The final product will be a DOP whose flavor and aroma are unmistakable.

The Murazzano DOP is produced from sheep's milk, its paste is white, it is soft and slightly grainy, the taste is fine and delicate. A legend tells that this cheese is so tasty who not even the devil was able to resist the temptation to taste a slice. The Disciplinary Rules gives the possibility of using mixed milk, but always keeping a percentage of sheep milk not less than 60%.

The Raschera DOP is historically production Monregalese and can be produced and matured in the province of Cuneo. If processing and maturation occur above 900 meters, will appear on the label the words "of Alp." Its rind is gray - reddish, the dough is compact and ivory white in color, the flavor is delicate, but it tends to spicy with advancing maturation.

Robiola of Roccaverano DOP is historically produced by the Langa of Asti. It is produced according to the ancient recipe which requires the processing of raw whole milk goat (mixed or pure) which gives a fabulous cheese table, tasty and delicate.

The Toma Piemontese DOP is the big cheese in a position to represent the dairy tradition of the region. We find it in the versions with whole milk, semi-fat and semi-skimmed. In 1996 he obtained the Protected Designation of Origin. Its texture is soft, straw yellow in color, the taste is sweet and pleasant to type whole milk, intense and aromatic instead for half-fat type. The great DOP of Piedmont are worthy to represent the territory. Together with Barolo, another "big" Piedmontese, we can discover the immense riches that are offered to us, we savor the flavors, tastes and aromas that recall the vineyards that rise and fall along the valleys, which are colored in different colors depending on the seasons. A delight of territory to discover, to love and protect. It's clear that the cheeses are not all equal, each of them lies a story of their own, with the characteristics of the territory, the people who work every day to keep alive customs and traditions of the past. In this journey to discover the DOP we have seen that the flavors are a wide variety, ranging from sweet and delicate, intense and persistent, until you get to a pleasant spiciness. So what? You would think just mouthing a piece of cheese in order to understand the taste, but it is not so ... Behind a gesture as simple as it may seem to eat the cheese, there is an extraordinary preparation, the palate is super trained, the sense of smell is up and most importantly, all the sensory perceptions are acquired over time and stored, in order to create a set of information that over time will become sensory own luggage. This well aware of the tasters ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters), born in Cuneo in 1989, with the aim to promote the quality of Italian cheeses to a wider audience, a prepared and aware.

Formaggi del Piemonte

12060 Castelmagno

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