Pesche di Canale
They begin to peep among the desks of the supermarkets in stores of firstfruits, they are absolutely irresistible, scented, colored, juicy and versatile, they are wonderful fruits to which it is impossible to say no. Of course are at their maximum flavor and aroma from May onwards, but still let us allow sometime seduce from the throat ! Their journey to get to us started in China, have passed from Persia, and when they got here were well rooted in the heart and in the kitchen of the Italians, are peaches, white, yellow, peel smooth or velvety, crunchy and juicy .....good? Much more, fantastic! The "Prunos persica" belongs to the family of Rosaceae Prunoidee is a plant native to China ... you're talking about peaches, of that delicious fruit whose pulp is covered with a velvety skin, the inviting aroma which immediately reaches our tastebuds and doesn't leave!

Arrived in Europe from China through Persia (here revealed the origin of the name "persica"), the variety of our territory divide the peaches in: nuts or nectarines, percocche, and peaches common, they can be very precocious and mature in May, precocious in June or late in September. All, however are perfumed, juicy pulp and soft. They can be white veined with rose red, yellow with red mottling, or homogeneous color. The skin can be smooth as in the case of nectarines or velvety and rich with a beautiful hair but somewhat annoying! Peaches are wonderful fruit not only for the quality but also for the property, they are digestible, low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals and fibers which can help regulate bowel function.

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