We are in an area where the pastures are affected by the caress marina, creating a microclimate who favors the growth of herbs particularly suitable for the wild breeding of goats. The result of little human settlement, excellent pastures and marine influence is the magnificent "Robiola of Roccaverano", a cheese that is at its best after 5 -6 days of preparation. Fine texture, soft and creamy ... once discovered, just remember the flavor that the mouth watering will appear instantly! We're not exaggerating, it is a delicious cheese and goodness depends precisely on the way in which the goats are raised and fed. Indeed, it seems that animals that grazing freely according to the season, choose the herbs will fit in your survival. The milk product, reflects the area who has maintained a rare balance, balance between earth and man which allows us to enjoy genuine and tasty product.

To the robiole, are flanked workings of fantasy, named after the dialect of the area. The magnificent robiole and tomette (based exclusively on goat milk to 100%) depending on the timing of maturation in the cellars, were baptized with fun names like "lasloste" translated means "leave him alone" or forget it as long as necessary so that ripe, or "sandré"(passed in the ash);"fruste"cheese by the forestiera shape.

But at the top of the goodness we find the "Robiola of Bec" very close relative of the "Roccaverano" rare cheesewhich is produced only one week a year with milk of goats just made pregnant, whose characteristics of flavor and intensity make it a perfect cheese for maturing, a soft cheese almost for "meditation" to enjoy with jam or sipping a raisin, feeling all the nuances of flavor! If then you were in the area it's worth a stop greedy at Arbiora a small shop with the curing cellars among century-old walls of stone and controlled temperature to transform the small robiole and tomette from goat milk into delicious forms with which finish a meal or enrich mouth-watering recipes!

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