Daniella Pasticceria
Raffaella and Daniela: together for "Daniella"
Excellent wheat flour 00, brown sugar, mountain butter and fresh eggs, are the basic ingredients to create a delicious and irresistible sweets, then excellent jams, nuts, raisins, walnuts and almonds and then still other delicious ingredients to giving life at many combinations that become biscuits, cakes and sweets, not only rich in fantasy but greedy of flavors! Raffaella and Daniela, together they are "Daniella", handicraft laboratory for over 15 years. To them, the flavors are an alchemy of ingredients and passion in equivalent doses

The laboratory
In their laboratory the small creations, large little more than a one euro coin, that become an explosion of unforgettable taste and their secrets are all here: the quality and passion that turn into biscuits, plum cake, hazelnut cakes, chocolate , pies, to fruit jams ... the choice is very wide and entering the shop the eyes and throat become a single thing ... the choice is almost impossible ... some advice? Try them, little at a time! But Let's go to the heart of the dough and imagine at the time of preparation, perhaps to solve a gift for a sweet tooth or healthy and nutritious food to children. A cake can be very rich, medium, or rigorous depending on our needs, including diet as in the case of diabetes or celiac disease, but if we want the irresistible scent, the warm color, a unforgettable crispness we must remember that the butter, eggs, sugar and those that are key elements of the "pasticceria Daniella" are of great quality.

Daniella Pasticceria
Via Brofferio, 159
14100 ASTI

+39 0141 355650


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