Langhe Monferrato Roero
Raffaella and Daniela: together for "Daniella" Excellent whe..
The historic Tartufi Ponzio brand was introduced in 1947, and has contr..
Cardo gobbo di Nizza
Nizza monferrato
With the cold of winter, fields are veiled with frost, farmers go to fr..
Pasta d'Alba
Diano d'Alba
Pasta d’Alba is a young and dynamic reality: the excellence of our products is our strength and the ..
A bell pepper from the noble soul, that of Capriglio, perhaps for the "compaesanità" with the mother of ..


Beppino Occelli began his activity in the dairy sector in 1976. His production has always followed the evolution of taste, in fact in some cases i..

We are in an area where the pastures are affected by the caress marina, creating a microclimate who favors the growth of herbs particularly suitab..

The area, within the Langhe zone, included in the hazel register of Piedmont is very wide: it accounts for 50% of the whole Piedmontese hazel area..

Find out Langhe’s flavours and colours

The city of Bra does not produce this cheese(Bra), but thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, was..
The company, which was born in Mombercelli d'Asti, is mainly known for the production of the artisanal crumbly torrone an..
On the outside, this leek has a long, thin stalk, half of which is white, and is usually sold in typical bunches of 20-30..