Cantina del Rondò
The “trattoria” is in an historical cellar established in 1906. The guests are welcome with dishes and wines from the refined Langa cuisine. The place is both striking and romantic. The large cellar, with ribbed vaults and sight bricks, divided into several rooms, simply furnished, receives you with its ancient, untouched fascination.

The rich availability of the dishes of the refined Langa cuisine with its great wines served in a jar are in tune with the surrounding environment. Emanuela Merli and Francarlo Negro have chosen to revive the culture of these hills with simplicity and authenticity since 1999. The search for the natural and typical local ingredients is fundamental for the preparations, both the simplest and the most difficult ones, of the historical cuisine.

Cantina del Rondò
Località Fausoni, 7
12057 Neive (Cuneo)

+39 0173679808

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