I Tre Colli

Originally opened in 1898 as an osteria (tavern) and locanda (inn) with stables, our family took over this historic Monferrato restaurant in 1993. Generation after generation has dined here, including culture and theatre icon Giovanni Pastrone, also known by his stage name Piero Fosco. Born in Montechiaro d'Asti on 13 September 1883, Pastrone was a director, scriptwriter, actor, producer, and technician in the Italian film industry. 2013 will mark the Gavello family’s twentieth year owning Tre Colli; over the course of this extensive period we have been happy to serve many satisfied customers. Our cuisine has always been inspired by local products, with some dishes traditionally prepared and others more creatively inspired, yet always based on local ingredients with an emphasis on always placing quality - not profit - first.

Our restaurant has two traditional dining rooms with a total of 45 seats. We also have a garden and terrace looking out over the magnificent hills of Monferrato with an additional 40 seats (summer only).

We can safely say that we are in the heart of fine truffle growing country. Every morning during truffle season our restaurant buzzer rings several times. It is the “trifolao”, the local truffle hunters who are stopping by to bring us their harvest from the previous night of gathering precious “tubers“in the valley. It is perhaps a little known fact that our town, Montechiaro d’Asti, is not only home to the large National White Truffle Fair (the first Sunday in November), but that the "Valle Fameria" and "Valle Boriello" are also home to the largest truffle reserve in Italy: “The Big Woods" (Il Grande Bosco). It has over 50 hectares of various types of truffle-friendly plants: oak (durmast), quaking aspen (with white leaves), willow and lime.

"Il Grande Bosco" is an associative truffle-ground, controlled by means of regional and provincial decrees, where the various associates (owners of the plots of land) are committed to the protection of the truffle legacy. In fact, to promote the growth of truffles (which is falling as a result of climate changes - in particular drought and the consequential lowering of the groundwater table - and can no longer meet market demands), these owners have cultivated new truffle-favouring plants. This reserve includes groups.

I Tre Colli
Piazza del Mercato 3/5
14025 Montechiaro d'Asti (AT)

+39 0141901027


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