Locanda in Cannubi
The Locanda's restaurant in Cannubi draws on the expertise of the family-Bertolini-Boggione, a true institution of the traditional cuisine of the Langhe. The owners Gianni Bertolini and Andrea Bevacqua, prefer the fresh and seasonal flavors, with a constant search for raw materials a skilled "rewriting" of the oldest recipes, which are not distorted but rather made more modern with a original and artistic touch.

The Locanda is the perfect place to taste the wines of Tenuta Carretta and in particular the exceptional Barolo Cannubi produced with Nebbiolo grapes harvested locally. The opportunity offered by the wine list, which offers the full range of Tenuta Carretta, as well as other great Barolo wines and wines of the most renowned producers, is able to satisfy every type of combination, playing with thick reds as well as young whites; at the center of all "His Majesty the Barolo": it is possible to indulge in intriguing verticals of Barolo Cannubi of various producers, taste and buy wine at retail.


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