Ostu di Djun
A Castagnito in the heart of Roero (Piedmont) welcomes us to the Ostu di Dijun, a name that is perplexing and while you remains standing outside the entrance, unsure whether to go or not, the door bursts open and a loud "welcome" welcomes us : is Luciano, the owner - we could say the inventor - of this restaurant, a middle way between the village trattoria and a Paris bistros. Just take a few steps and you find yourself in another epoch in the warm light of candles spread in profusion on the tables, strung-covered bottles of hundreds of multicolored wax tapers which were dissolved in the course of a pleasant evening, the walls covered with photographs of celebrities or just friends, people of this area of Roero, old white-bearded, young women with clothes that harks back to the years after the war, young men with the cockiness and vests to the "on the Waterfront", a whole kaleidoscope of images that evoke years of history lived among these hills geometrically marked by neat rows of vines and where the smell of grass and flowers brings to mind a happy time.

Everything is strange and nice, we are in a restaurant, but the atmosphere is like home: the bread you must go to get it directly on the cutting board, the appetizers arrive one after the other and they are great: salted meat as in the days of our grandparents, wrought meat with a knife (but who does it anymore today?), "bagasce" is the name of culatello ham perhaps the name is disconcerting but the flavor brings back memories of old carnal pleasures, veal with tuna sauce and much more.You don't choose the wine: provides Luciano pouring the nectar directly into the glasses, red or white, where you collect all the flavors and aromas of the Roero, Langhe and Monferrato. And here we are to the first course, the work of Luciano's mom: tagliatelle, ravioli prepared by the expert hands of mother Francesca who makes pasta, spreads it with a rolling pin, all done by hand without the use of machines or other. The sauces are delicious and for each there is a closely guarded secret: special herbs but above all the pleasure of the cook who uses natural products does not resort to sauces with exotic names.The main course, the choice is vast: a note of praise to the rabbit, but what about the liver sautéed at the time ..... like all the dishes, no pre-cooked, but the wait (however minimal) is pleasant sipping fine wine that Luciano who wanders tireless among the tables mixes to taste. A moment of respite then gives way to the desserts: panna cotta is a delight but then there are those invented with curious names: the "pum-pin" (baked apple stuffed) with a delicate flavor and the "gnugnu", an ice cream particular of his own invention to end a special evening that you retain a pleasant memory. When you exit leaving behind the bohemian atmosphere of the bistro reminiscent of Paris in the early years of the last century seems to have made a trip back in time reliving a time when people enjoyed good food and the company of people who knew enjoy life.

Ostu di Djun
Via San Giuseppe 1
12050 Castagnito (CN)

+39 0173 213600

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